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Frequently Asked Questions

Khao Manees Genetics (thanks to Sue Brown for help providing these answers)

Why does the Khao Manee have odd coloured eyes?
The Khao Manee is genetically a Dominant White (WW or Ww),  and it is a feature of this gene to sometimes produce odd eye colours. 

Do all Khao Manees have odd coloured eyes?
No. Most have either both blue or both yellow. However the odd color is so impressive that most  photos  usually feature them.

Are Khao Manees deaf?
Occasionally they may be unilaterally deaf on the blue-eyed side. It is quite common for blue eyed cats to be deaf and is again connected with the Dominant White gene. For further information see It must be said that Colleen Freymuth has not found this to be a feature of the Khao Manees that she has bred and so this possibly this idea may have to be modified.

What is the diamond eye?
The blue eye is sometimes called the diamond or gem eye and according to Thai folklore animals with this feature have supernatural powers. However the diamond eye is sometimes used to refer to cats with glaucoma with causes the eye to swell up or cats recovering from cat flu. These are painful conditions and should be treated by a vet as soon as possible.

Do Khao Manees have health problems?
With the exception of CatsAsia Cattery the Khao Manee is currently bred exclusively in Thailand. The Thai breeders are in general very poor people with little access to proper health care and therefore their cats may be subject to illness. On the other hand these cats generally are bred from a larger genetic pool than pedigree cats in the West and in this regard are probably healthier. Colleen Freymuth has not had particular health problems with her cats, so there is no reason to assume at this stage that the Khao Manee is genetically disposed to illness. Colleen writes: "Blue eyes show up most often, and deafness is not showing up at all, thank goodness! We also are finding no medical problems at all within the breed, but as you know, our breeding program is very stringent, which may account for this, nothing is left to chance, such as inbreeding, breeding too young, etc. They are extremely healthy, we are not taking trips to the vet for any reason at all. They are on top of the line diet, which I am sure has accounted for their good health, and also their size."

How do you pronounce Khao Manee?
Cow (rising tone) manee (neutral tone).

How do I write Khao Manee in Thai script?


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Select Thai

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How do I buy a Khao Manee?

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