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The  Cat that brings you Good Luck

..two eyes like diamonds 
business meets success with prosperity, 
like a priceless jewel 

- The Cat Book of Poems (1350 - 1767)


These are some breeders of Khao Manees that you can try contacting:

Lynnsey Mostad in the US

Rungrat has a 5 month old male odd eyed kitten for sale (mobile:089-2022083). Left eye is green-amber, right eye is blue. Vaccinated, health and vaccination records available.


Frederic Goedert ( in France
Khun Triwitt Threelerdratana ( in Thailand
Khun Preecha Noonpong ( in Thailand (mobile: 013617598)
Khun Somhathai Latiwan ( in Thailand (mobile:+6651718551)
Khun Sarisa Khagaduke ( in Thailand (mobile: 01-4276736)
Jek has a number of Khao Manees kittens for sale



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