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The Cat Museum

There is a Cat Museum in Nakhom Pathom on the Pinklao-Nakhon Chaisri road 2 kilometers east of Phutthamonthon Soi 4.  It is owned by a former film director called Namdee Witta who has 50 Khao Manees which he claims are the only surviving direct descendants of those belonging to Rama V.

Malynn had this experience:

The day I visited the khao manees, I had planned to go to a wax museum, the crocodile farm, and the cat museum.  Unfortunately, we passed the sign for the cat museum and decided to go ahead to the wax museum since we were near it already.   A woman who worked at the wax museum told us the museum was shut down to lack of money. She even called somewhere to make sure.  I was very disappointed.  We went on to the croc farm, me still thinking about the cats.  After eating and hours later, I mentioned wanting to go to the cat museum even though that lady said it was closed.  I insisted that we drive back because logic being in my mind even though I had a feeling they were really gone, if that big sign was up maybe it would still be open. I also asked how could she have called if it shut down.  Did she talk to someone?  If she called the place and it was closed, who answered?   Luckily, I have an aunt who loves me and decided to drive around for a long while until we saw the sign again.  ( this is approx 5 pm about an hour before you are unable to see the khao manee) We pulled in the dirt road or side road that was along the main highway under the sign and she asked one of the men who drove a took-took.   He said that we could see the cats just around the corner. Thrilled, we drove down in between the neighboring buildings consisting of stores and kids playing football in the middle of the street.  at the end of this alley or parking lot was a few 3 story townhouses.  Most of them looked deserted but my mom said she saw a sign that mentioned the cats.  My aunt parked the car in front of one of the townhouses and got out of the car and asked the kids playing football.  They did not know where the Khao Manees lived.  I was getting very upset again thinking we would not be able to see the Thai cats.  Next thing you know, we hear someone asking if we came to see the khao manee and we just happen to park in front of the house where the khao manees lived.  I don't need to tell you how happy I am.
He told us of the museum and how it came to close and showed us pictures of the museum and some of the Thai cats.  He also told us of how the cats came to him and how there are not many left.  He did say that if it happen to be that a khao manee was available he would let me know.  

He did say though that before they were not available to anyone but royalty. 
If you are planning to go there, I can tell you where I found him last week.  We turned into the sign dirt road when we saw the sign off the main road and made a sort of u turn back to the buildings to the left of the sign if facing it.  We drove down that alley/parking lot and it was the first townhouse on the right.  I think he had a sign but you really aren't able to see it because it is not up but against the wall on his porch. "


The Cat Museum in Nakhom Pathom

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Malynn with Princess

A kiss from the princess

A kiss from the princess

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