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Online Feline Fanciers: The Pigment Parade Very good explanation of white cat genetics

Thai Cat Breeds discussion group  A mailing list about traditional Thai cats. A new site about the Khao Manee


Thai sites A translation:

Is a white Thai cat that is the most frequently seen of the Thai breeds today. The body is medium sized. Coat is short and packed tight; nose is short. Ears long and standing tall and conspicuous. Tail is long and the end straight. Legs are long in proportion to the body. The color of the skin on the body is white. There are 2 eye colors to choose from: blue and yellow. If mixing a blue-eyed  Khao Plort with a yellow eyed the kittens that result will have mixed eyes. On one side a blue and on one side a yellow eye. Farangs call it the Old Eyes [sic].

Japanese sites A Japanese site with a KM-like cat 
The cat is in pure white color and has a set of odd eye (gold/blue)...The owner says that she picked her up from the street in Japan. The cat's name is CHIRO, and 10 years old right now. Owner says that he always try to sneak out of the house, coming back with a lot of fight wounds. He is also very proud and rather aloof.


A guide to Thailand for cat lovers How to buy a cat in Thailand with general information about travel to Thailand

Screen Saver A Thai Cat stamp screen saver! Essential for all lovers of Thai cats.

The Traditional Cats Association An organisation founded  by Diana Fineran dedicated to preserving traditional cats

Lap Cat - useful and informative articles and resources on all things feline.

Coomakista Cats - Has a number of odd-eyed cats.



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