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A little over a year ago, Emilie Toussaint decided she needed some feline company in her life, so she visited the local Humane Society.

"That's where I came upon the most gorgeous kitten I've ever laid eyes on. A beautiful white cat with the most mesmerizing eyes: one blue and one green. Kristopher was a stray that somebody brought in, and after playing with him for a while, I knew that he had found his forever home. Right away, I knew I had found a special cat, he is unlike any other cat i've had before. He responds to his name, he plays hide and seek and is VERY vocal. This last characteristic and his long and lean body made me believe that he had some siamese in him."

After some research Emilie heard about the Khao Manee breed.

"The resemblance between Kristopher and the Khao Manee is striking, however I was more shocked to read about their "diamond eye". Since I've had Kris, people have mentionned the diamond shape in his eye and how unique it is.

I am convinced that my feline companion has some Khao Manee in is blood and I feel blessed that such a creature came in my life."

How could a Khao Manee have got to Ottawa Ontario, Canada?

"Kris was found when he was just a few months old all by himself in a small town called Smith's Fall. How he got there is surely a mystery and the fact that he was seen in the snow when he's so white was somewhat of a miracle."