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A Gift from the Cat Gods

In June 2000, a mysterious kitten turned up on the front porch of Mikki Thomas a former breeder of Siamese. Having had traditional Siamese cats for many years she was vaguely aware of the existence of the Khao Manee but had never seen one.

There are several amazing things that surround the appearance of Sammy (the name she gave him).   "I have always had Siamese cats and collect cat artifacts. I've had a beautiful decorative china plate in my collection for many years with a Khao Manee painted on it. I knew from this plate of the existence of the breed. Then  Sammy came to us.

  We live in North East Tennessee in the middle of 25 acres. Neighbors are far and few between here. This fact makes his appearance here even more mysterious.   This kitten was asleep on my front porch on the morning of my oldest cats 10th birthday. He has acted as if he were born here from the first moment he appeared. My other cats, usually not in least tolerant of strange cats accepted him instantly. He has never made the slightest effort to wonder but a few feet from our home. So I don't think he has wanderlust.   We also have a Australian Cattle Dog that in most circumstances would chase anything that moves, but not Sammy. The kitten stands stock still and the dog doesn't know exactly how to react to his lack of fear. Sammy actually deals with our dog better then my other two Siamese that have lived with her for most of their lives.    I don't have any idea how this beautiful "Jewel" found me but I am so grateful that he did. And you can be certain that he will live the life of luxury that his royal origins decree..."

A prize winning photo of Sammy  
So where could he have come from?

"I am  be inclined to think that Sammy was born from a long lost strain of the Khao Manee in a standard Siamese.  I am very familiar with Siamese and this kitten has several Siamese characteristics. First and foremost he has the voice and is very vocal. He has the lean angular body structure of a Siamese not the compact build of a Persian. He has a well refined face. And he has the graceful liner gate so prevalent in Siamese. It even looks as if there may be very faint gray points appearing on his ears and feet. Further confirmation that he would have a strong Siamese background. "


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